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The emergence of BIM and management of data it contains now make it possible to design, construct and operate projects more reliably, more quickly and more cost-effectively.

At Bouygues Construction, a global player in construction and services, we are convinced that BIM plays a major role in going over to more industrial construction methods and represents the future and a major source of progress for all our stakeholders.

Our Forward Planning, R&D and Techniques Departments at Bouygues Construction propose a long-term vision, preparing tomorrow’s benchmarks today.

Welcome to the BIM world!

BIM : a 3D representation of all data making it possible to design and construct a project and simulate its behaviour.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) a process by which this data is managed throughout the project’s life-cycle.

THE BIM GENERATION, The digital-model revolution

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Sustainable construction implies a fresh way of looking at the way industrialists have to design, construct and operate their projects.

To achieve this, Bouygues Construction R&D teams are working to optimise and deploy BIM so that it becomes a genuine performance lever for staff, partners and, naturally, the Group’s clients.

In five years, the Research, Development and Innovation Department at Bouygues Construction has launched ten or so BIM-based projects, many of which are today operational.

Interview de José Tarantino, chef de chantier en 2035

The European Directive recommends using BIM for all public contract work sites by 2017.

reglementation maquette numérique bim generation



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Optimising accurate forecasting at the design stage, BIM is clearly an efficient decision-making tool.

Stakeholders can visualise the future building with a greater sense of reality than is the case with traditional plans, therefore helping them better grasp the global project. Project costs are also optimised, since associating detailed price schedules with BIM helps fine-tune cost forecasting.

Beyond purely budgetary considerations, BIM becomes the sole place where all data required for carrying out the project is recorded, thereby guaranteeing data coherence.

Last but not least, BIM makes it possible to anticipate challenges and come up with solutions, enhancing worksite organisation and forestalling any nasty surprises.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are today integrated into Bouygues Construction’s commercial bids.

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Using augmented reality and BIM enable the right choices to be made from the word go, with the help of simulations, tests and representations that are absolutely realistic and precise.

From the client’s point of view, the visual rendering of the 3D model makes it possible to design a summary pre-project interactively with the project team.

From the project team point of view, BIM helps design difficult areas such as drainage systems on structures or interactions between the various items in a building... and makes it easier to visualise geometry in complex architectural works.

Ramby: augmented reality helping our clients

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BIM provides better global vision of projects. For the client, neighbourhood residents, future occupants but also site workers, BIM makes it possible to visualise future buildings much more concretely than on plans and have a clearer insight into the project.

Augmented reality and virtual reality, which have been the focus of many research projects for several years, are today built into Bouygues Construction’s commercial bids. These tools make it possible to go into a finished building and change things with a simple click in real time: materials (floor, wall and ceiling), configuration of premises, furnishings, external lighting (sun/clouds/night) etc.

Apartment configurator

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5D is the process of integrating the budgetary dimension of a project into the 3D model. Associating detailed price schedules with BIM helps fine-tune cost forecasting.


Bouygues Construction calculette

Financing and marketing are made easier since prices are guaranteed and pegged as closely as possible to reality.

20 pour cent

According to UK government sources, using BIM can help reduce current building costs by 20%.

guillemets vertes haut bim generation BIM gives us an extremely fine-tuned idea of the production costs for each item, from precast slabs to ventilation systems, and including material transport guillemets vertes bas bim generation

Jonathan Riondet,
Construction Solutions Director at Dassault Systems

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BIM is the sole infrastructure where all data required for carrying out the project is recorded,. This pooling of data avoids repetition and risks of incoherence as the building is developed.
Data which is entered by a person involved in the project automatically impacts everything, therefore immediately identifying interactions between various models.

Mettre en place le plan BIM du projet et ses règles de réalisation : qui fait quoi et comment ? Récupération et mise en commun des maquettes de chacun Réalisation des rapports de conflit entre les différentes maquette Organisation des réunions de coordination  BIM manager = garant de la cohérence
guillemets vertes haut bim generation On the Singapore Sports Hub, 3D modelling helped us react swiftly to changes requested by architects and client and enhance flow of dialogue guillemets vertes bas bim generation

Sophie Montenot,
BIM Manager, Bouygues Bâtiment International


Our professions are evolving rapidly against a structurally-changing backdrop: buildings are being transformed, but so are spaces, usages and relations between the structures in the same facility. BIM is a valuable device for coming to grips with this complexity, facilitating fluid exchanges and logistics.

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grue bim generation bouygues
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BIM makes it possible to go beyond 3D digital construction.
The process takes into account key factors for always being as close as possible to reality, therefore significantly simplifying logistics.

The time factor (4D) is integrated via a planning tool, with the aim of visualising project evolution step by step and checking that the schedule is coherent.

1. Presenting the global execution of the project to the client, to reassure him that lead times have been properly understood; associating an in-depth schedule to a detailed model in a precise space, such as angled roof beam casting on very high sites.
2. Anticipating supply needs and modelling storage space facilities to optimise logistics in real time.

guillemets oranges haut bim generation The client appreciated this rendering a lot and it also reassured him about our construction methodology, given the site requirements. guillemets oranges bas bim generation

Stéphane Brunel,
Methods Manager at Brézillon, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France

4D and executing the worksite

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This is one of BIM’s major benefits. It enables project teams to visualise technical points and interfaces between several building items upstream, instead of discovering them as the site progresses.

In building, complex interactions are shown up more clearly.

On complex civil engineering projects, such as nuclear power plants or large-span viaducts, BIM helps build exceptionally dense reinforcements for the structure.

Identifying and rectifying "a clash" – BIM for Paris’ Philharmonie

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BIM combines all levers for anticipating each action, thereby optimising and enhancing deadline reliability.

Timesaving can be as much as ten thousand hours on a major worksite.

horloge maquette numérique en 3D

Résidence Outrebon
(47 social housing units)
The project was delivered one and a half months ahead of schedule

Résidence Outrebon à Béthune

Résidence Outrebon, Béthune (France), delivered in 2010 by Norpac (Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe).

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BIM helps secure worksites and make them easier to be set up and developed – at all levels.
Concerned to perfectly meet clients’ requirements and propose the most tailored solutions, Bouygues Construction teams rely on BIM to guarantee :

Bim Bouygues Construction

BIM contributes towards achieving
« zero defect » projects

guillemets vertes haut bim generation BIM made it possible to coordinate technical networks with structures supplied by architects and design offices, highlighting interferences which would have gone undetected in 2D. guillemets vertes bas bim generation

Ludovic Chaigneau,
Design Manager for the Singapore Sports Hub

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BIM does not stop when the project is delivered. On the contrary, it is when the building is operated and managed, or even when updating it is envisaged after a few years, that the system reveals all its benefits.

On a finished building, BIM enhances project management and optimises existing building stock.

75 pour cent

75% of a project’s costs is generated by operation throughout its life.

Optimiser la Maintenance Anticiper et simuler l'évolutin de l'ouvrage Gérer son parc immobilier
Optimiser la maintenance bouygues construction



or clients, optimising management of their real estate assets by recovering BIM data saves time and money. It is one of BIM’s major benefits.

Fichiers maquette numérique

Delivered with the project, the DOE (dossier de l’ouvrage exécuté – file of work carried out) is, in the client’s eyes, the main facility management tool. The DOE centralises and exhaustively lists data required for project management.

The facility manager can walk virtually throughout the building and click on any item to obtain all related information. BIM is becoming essential for managing contractual commitments, energy consumption, availability and sustainability of technical equipment.

guillemets rouges haut bimgeneration BIM is going to become the main FM tool. Its applications in our professional sector are multiple: monitoring energy comfort and consumption, equipment up-time, scheduling preventive maintenance and dialogue with our clients. guillemets rouges bas bimgeneration

Wen Hue,
Expertise and Development Manager Bouygues Energies & Services FM unit

Anticiper et simuler l'évolution de l'ouvrage



Beyond maintenance, buildings must sometimes evolve to adapt to user usages. With BIM, these future evolutions are made easier.

From the design outset, fittings and layouts must be imagined which will enable new usages to be integrated that are adapted to the environment and optimise project use.

BIM will help construct these modular and multifunctional buildings, simulate such evolutions and carry them out.

le Data Center de Pantin

The Pantin Data Center (France)

Le data center de Pantin
Gérer son parc immobilier



Integrating real estate asset management tools in BIM was developed in the United Kingdom and became known as "6D". Asset management represents the future for BIM, capable of supplying a single list of all data linked to real estate assets.
For Bouygues Construction clients, and in particular local authorities, this is a major challenge. In order to make savings and meet environmental energy requirements, they inevitably need more fine-tuned knowledge of their assets.

immeubles bouyguesconstruction
La bourgogne, une région pionnière
Exemple 1 La Philharmonie de Paris



Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France – Ouvrages Publics is carrying out the Paris Philharmonie project, the capital’s largest cultural investment since the Quai Branly Museum (2006)


  • To meet the project complexity imagined by architect Jean Nouvel
  • To respect deadlines
  • To build the sloped roof (slopes superior to 30%).
Philharmonie de Paris

90% of phasing problems,
such as the sequencing of placing, were therefore ironed out upstream

guillemets rouges haut bimgeneration 3D played an essential role in ensuring coherence of architectural shells with structural feasibilities, dialogue with the client improved and our points of view converged immediately. If we had used traditional tools, it would have been too late when we noticed geometrical problems. guillemets rouges bas bimgeneration

Jean-François Scheidt,
Project Leader for Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France – Ouvrages Publics

Paris’ Philharmonie as if you were there!

Exemple 2 Le Viaduc d Abidjan



Bouygues Travaux Publics and DTP Terrassement are carrying out one of the major infrastructure projects in West Africa: designing, constructing and operating for 30 years a 6.7-km motorway in Abidjan.


  • Integrating strong constraints: unsuitable underground, talweg prone to flooding, buried and overhead networks, equitorial climate, dense traffic...
  • Checking the right georeferencing of all source data
  • Addressing interface conflicts between the various design offices
  • Visualising the motorway in its environment and optimising siting
  • Presenting the definitive project to authorities
  • Checking that networks are correctly in place and saturation of sanitation networks
  • Optimising safety in an urban environment

A complete BIM was carried out at the beginning of the execution phase to use optimum solutions when it came to design and construction and guarantee the best quality/deadline/price ratio.

a 1.5-km bridge
2 motorway sections
The largest interchange in Sub-Saharan Africa

histoire de la maquette numérique fichier

BIM – checking and synthesising the Abidjan viaduct

Exemple 3 Le CHU d Amiens



Four Bouygues Construction subsidiaries took part in building the Amiens CHU Hospital Centre.


From 2009 to 2011, eleven people worked on BIM over several stages :

  • Analysing site needs, defining human and material means, dividing up into sub-projects.
  • Creating tools according to families (types of wall, doors, chassis, terminals…), modelling tasks (concrete, partitions, rooms…)
  • Producing documents from BIM: location plans, detecting conflicts, real-time site progress, 3D views for validating purposes...

bringing together the hospital in the north of Amiens and several of the town’s establishments onto a single site.

histoire de la maquette numérique fichier maquette numérique chu amiens
Exemple 4 Sports Hub Singapour



Covering a 35-hectare site at the heart of the City-State, the huge Sports Hub complex which will be delivered in 2014 could host Olympic Games.


  • a 55,000 capacity stadium
  • an aquatic centre
  • a 3,000 capacity multisports complex
  • an Olympic swimming-pool featuring 6,000 places
  • a pool for aquatic games and 41,000 m² of commercial areas

These facilities are housed in five buildings around the stadium, whence the need to ensure coordination between the various project players.

guillemets vertes haut bim generation BIM made it possible to coordinate technical networks with structures provided by architects and design offices, highlighting interferences which would have gone undetected in 2D. guillemets vertes bas bim generation

Ludovic Chaigneau,
Design Manager.

With BIM, take a dip into the Singapore Sports Hub

Exemple 3 Le CHU d Amiens



Three Bouygues Construction subsidiaries (Sodéarif, Brézillon and Bouygues Energies & Services) built an 11,400-m² data center in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) for world webhosting leader Equinix..

Built in 3 phases, technical facilities were designed to provide an optimum level of reliability and uptime for 24/24 and 365/365 operation.


  • To work on highly advanced electrical and thermal civil engineering:
    redundant electrical supply chain, ultra-controlled air quality and temperature with a ceiling of 23°C.

The model was used at two stages of the project :

During the pre-project phase, to carry out syntheses between the various lots: architect, structure, high- and low-current electricity, air-conditioning-ventilation-heating.

During the execution phase, for explanatory technical reports which made it possible to clearly visualise proposed technical modifications.

data center de pantin
Exemple 3 Le CHU d Amiens



Bouygues Travaux Publics was chosen to build in a consortium two 3rd-generation EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) nuclear power plants in Somerset, in the south-west of England.


  • To develop the prefabrication of fuel cooling pools.
  • To validate hypotheses of cutting, lift dimensions, complex zones to be reinforced.
  • To validate the construction method and schedule hypotheses.
  • To manage logistics and handling of heavy weights in excess of 600T.
  • To define junction zones and those needed to install temporary sway braces.
  • To detect any areas of interference between lift and shell.
  • To think about dismantling fittings.
la centrale EPR Hinkley Point (Royaume-Uni)
Exemple 1 La Philharmonie de Paris



In Doha, Bouygues Bâtiment International is completing the construction of the Qatar Petroleum headquarters, composed of nine office towers and a five-star 400-key hotel covering 760,000m².


  • To ensure coordination between concrete and technical lots
  • Coordination between façade and concrete
  • BIM made it possible to note discrepancies between plans supplied and real dimensions more rapidly
  • To accelerate the process of coordination and synthesis
  • To model site progress using 4D
  • To visualise the inside of the building in 3D video
le qp district (qatar)


télécharger la brochure pdf sur la maquette numérique de Bouygues Construction

As visionaries, Bouygues Construction and its industrial and academic partners are engaged in permanent research for innovation to give their clients maximum satisfaction.

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Once BIM has been adopted, there is no going back to old ways of designing, constructing and managing projects.

By making it possible to build more quickly and more cost-effectively, while at the same time respecting the environment, everyone benefits from BIM: clients, construction companies and society in general.

Bouygues Construction offers its clients a wide range of expertise enriched by its vast number of international projects.

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